I recently read a great article from a Massage Therapist to her clients. It was informative and addressed a lot of issues that often come up about massage but rarely ever get discussed openly. I decided to do my own version based on my personal experiences. Here goes!

1. Remember to breathe! 

I like to start out most sessions with a few deep breathes. It’s a way to get you to relax and clear your mind. When I say, “take a deep breath” it means that you breathe in AND OUT. I’ve had quite a few people hold their breath! Just breathe and relax, breathe and relax…

2. Please don’t call me a masseuse.

I for one, and many of my fellow Massage Therapists, consider this a VERY derogatory term. I feel so passionately about this, I wrote an entire blog about it. Please read it here.

3. A body is a body is a body.

Please don’t be embarrassed  about your body, it’s BEAUTIFUL!  Every body is different and it’s so sad when someone feels insecure about a part of themselves. I am not here to judge you. I am here to help your body feel better!

4. The butt is nothing to be shy about!

Your butt, or as we refer to them is called the gluteal muscles. The gluteus maximus is the largest and strongest muscle in the body. There is also a gluteus medius and minimus too as well as several other muscles below those! The point is, its a very important group of muscles that get worked by everyday life! Not only that but low back pain is almost always related your glutes! So, please don’t be shy about it! To me, its just a hunk of muscle that desperately needs attention!

5. Really, you don’t need to shave.

I had a guy once say to me as I was undraping his leg, “sorry I didn’t shave!” I laughed so hard because women say this to me and I always think to myself, well, men don’t shave, why should you! Honestly, I’m more in tune with how your muscles feel and where your knots are to even notice if you’ve shaved or not.

6. Please don’t undrape yourself.

The sheet and blanket are there for a reason. For you to feel safe and secure and for me to feel safe and secure. I only want to see the body part that I am working on, not any other part of your body. Draping is super important and I am legally required to do this!

7. Yes, I really care about you!

I always ask my clients, “how is your body feeling today?” I’m not just asking this to make conversation, I truly want to know! When I work on you, your body talks to me. It tells me if you’ve been working it too hard, not drinking enough water or not stretching properly. At the end of the session, I may recommend a stretch or two that will help with that crick in your neck or tell you that you need to drink extra water. I don’t tell you those things to make conversation – its because your body told me thats what it needs! You can choose to listen or not, but I only say it because, I really care about you and your wellbeing.

8. Is this normal?

I am quite frequently asked about a skin condition or what is that clicking noise or is XYZ issue normal? Everybody is different and every body is unique. I am not a Doctor nor do I pretend to be one. I legally can only address questions that are within my scope of practice. Chances are whatever you are experiencing is normal but I will refer you to your Doctor if it looks concerning.

9. Bodily functions, yes they happen!

As your body begins to relax, your parasympathetic system kicks in and digestion starts. This causes your stomach to grumble, burping, farting and even snoring.  Relax, these are all normal signs! Again, I am not here to judge you! so please, let your body relax and don’t stress about what happens because I’m certainly not worried about it.

10. Gratuities

I’ve been asked about tipping and here is what I have to say about it. Tips are NEVER expected and ALWAYS appreciated. Some clients tip, some do not and I respect the decision either way. There are a few Massage Therapists who charge more but then do not want to be tipped. My rates are standard and I truly remain neutral on the issue.

So, I hope that helps answer some questions some of you may have about massage. Honestly, I consider it an absolute privilege to do what I do. You are trusting me with your body, your aches and pains. I value and honor that and want everyone who walks through my door to know how much I truly care about you!