Not everyone loves to give or receive a gift certificate. But I personally love giving them and getting them. To me, they are the perfect gift, especially when you don’t know what to get someone. Nowadays, you don’t even have to go to the store to get the one you want – they are at the grocery store, the hardware store, even the post office sells them! I especially like getting them because they allow me the flexibility to shop whenever I want (even at home in my pj’s) and I can use the amount all at once or buy one thing and save the balance for something else later. Sounds appealing right? Well, my gift certificates work a lot like that, too!  For example, when someone has a 90 minute massage gift certificate, I’ll allow them to use it all at once, or they can receive 3 – 30 minute massages over time, or 2 -45 minute massages.  I’ll do the same for 60 minute gift certificates, too. I keep track of how much is used at each visit so the client doesn’t even have to think about it. It’s also a great way for someone to experience massage for the first time. And if they don’t like it, I’ll even let them transfer the credit to someone else!

The best part is, in the state of Montana, gift certificates NEVER expire. So if you have a gift certificate with an expiration date on it, go use it!

Gift certificates can be purchased in my office or you can even buy them online – just click here!