I’m so excited! I’m heading off to Billings, MT next week to take a continuing education class called Contemporary Cupping Methods. Never heard of cupping? Did you see the Olympics? Michael Phelps had these round circular marks on his shoulders – that was cupping! He had it done to improve┬ácirculation and decrease pain. Even though the reviews are mixed on the actual results, many athletes swear by it. And Michael Phelps has how many gold medals?

I actually learned a bit of cupping in massage school, in my Asian Therapy class. I was completely shocked by how long it’s been around. Archaeologists have found evidence that dates back to 1,ooo B.C.!! Surely a practice that has been around for that long must have some benefits? I can tell you that in the little that I have used it in my own practice, I have received great results! Clients report feeling more mobility and longer lasting range of motion in areas of repetitive motion. Not to mention, cupping is easier on my hands and if my clients can benefit from the effects, it’s a win-win situation!

I look forward to learning more about this interesting modality. Stay tuned for more information!