Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the history of cupping, let’s learn more about how it works.

When you receive a deep tissue massage, the therapist is pressing down deep into your muscles. With cupping, (depending on the type of cup) it uses negative pressure, so the opposite of pressing down. By creating negative pressure above the surface of the tissues, the decrease in atmospheric pressure allows the tissues below to be lifted upwards. This lifting helps loosen areas of adhesion or restriction and the tissue starts to soften and become easier to move and manipulate. I have seen this while performing cupping therapy, and clients have marveled at how much looser their muscles feel and how their range of motion has been improved!

Cupping therapy provides relief for many common health conditions. The list is long so here is just a few examples: high blood pressure, diabetes, sciatica, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, migraines and depression. It is also extremely beneficial for the digestive system. The pulling power of the low pressure upon the belly stimulates the inside of your organs, which stimulates their peristaltic movement and the secretion of digestive fluids. This strengthens the entire digestive system and also helps the body absorb essential nutrients. Cupping has also been used extensively for asthma and pneumonia to relieve labored breathing, soften scar tissue and restructure stuck fascia.

Sounds like a really amazing treatment, right? Some people are a little concerned about the possible temporary marks on your skin left by the cups and think the marks are bruises. This is a common and unfortunate misconception. A bruise if when you experience blunt force trauma. Remember, cupping uses negative pressure and as a result, it pulls stagnation out of tissues and brings it to the skin level. This mark or discoloration is a direct result of stagnation, debris and toxins being expelled from the body.  Depending on the amount of stagnation in the body, the mark can last 2 hours or in some cases 2 weeks. After receiving regular treatments, there will be reduced amounts of toxins in your body and fewer or less visible marks left by the cups.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment here and see how cupping might help you!