One of the reasons why I love recieving massage is because it is the perfect combination of muscular therapy and indulgent relaxation. A spa facial feels the same way to me but I don’t like all the steam in my face or the multiple products used by estheticians. This is why facial cupping is the perfect solution, it’s both therapeutic and rejuvenating!

Spas throughout Europe and Asia have been using a vacuum suction massage, or Ventouzzes, to mimic the pumping movement of lymphatic drainage. The benefits of these expensive treatments include increased local circulation of the skin, increased nutrients to the epidermis and enhanced absorption of facial topicals. Many people are drawn to these treatments because it can also temporarily smooth away lines and wrinkels. Guess what? Facial cups provide the same benefits with less time and less money!

When I first learned facial cupping in my continuing education class, I was a complete skeptic. I mean, I don’t even like my face touched during a massage and was sure that I was not going to like cups on my face! Not only did I think it wouldn’t feel good, I was reluctant to believe in the benefits of it. Boy, was I wrong! I absolutely loved the way the cups felt on my face. The pressure was light and it was really relaxing. We did one side of the face first and I was astounded at how different my face looked. It was brighter, had less frown lines and just felt significantly more relaxed. In fact, several of the girls in class experienced the same thing!

So, what can you expect from me in a facial cupping treatment? A typical session last about 30 minutes and can be a stand alone treatment or added to a massage. I use a very light fragrance free coconut oil and start on one side of the face and work from the chin up. The cups are always moving and are never left stationary, so you don’t have to worry about the residual cupping marks on your skin. I have helped several clients relax, release TMJ pain and rejuvenate their face for a special occasion event.

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